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GTX 295 SLi or GTX 460 Sli

I've got (2) GTX 295's currently in SLi, and everything and every game runs flawless, my question is this..In my opinion, my quad SLi setup is over kill the things I do, I play like TF2, sometimes Bad Company 2 or MW2. Should I sell my quad SLi setup and just buy (2) GTX 460's, seeing as how they are newer, less power, and DX11? What would you all do?

i-7 860 @ 3.4GHz
8GB DDR3 1600MHz
(2) 300GB Raptors
1200watt PSU
27" LCD
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  1. If you are running 2560, you are giving up some performance, and buffer for higher AA levels. If you are running 1920 (as my 27" does), you may not give up much performance depending on how the 295's scale in "quad" SLI (all old benchmarks are with old drivers). Source:

    You can eliminate benchmarks not done at your resolution, and compare 2x460 with 1x295. You can provide what you know based on your own knowledge of how well 2x295 scales.

    I can't put myself in your place, but the heat, noise, and operating expense must be getting to you if you are here to ask.
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    It'll be a great money saver and two GTX 460s in SLi are no slouch. I don't think you needed two GTX 295s in the first place. I'd sell them soon just in case nvidia decides to drop a new dual-GPU card and send the GTX 295 prices packing.
  3. Yeah im thinking of selling them both, I mean I like them, and its cool to say I've got quad sli with 295's, but thats all I will really be missing, I was offered $700 for both, and I can get (2) 460's for a little over $400, and from what I've read, those in SLi can pretty much do anything anyways. Those bragging rights and benchmarks will be missed :??: but the power hunger and noise won't.
  4. Good choice. You won't regret the extra 300 dollars in your wallet. =)
  5. ^ Now you can get and SSD and pasture those Raptors at the Data Farm, too :)

    Gees, pull out 2x295 and a pair of Raptors . . . the streetlights in your neghborhood will brighten :)
  6. LOL, yeah well I was thinking of getting an SSD, but I bought my current PC from a buddy who bought it from Cyberpower. It has Windows 7 Home Premium 64 on it, with no disks or anything, so I dont know how I will go about transfering my OS with premary data to an SSD, I've been reading on how it is done, but apparently its no as easy as it sounds when transfering Windows 7 on an HD to an SATA SSD without issues, but yeah, I'm considering it.

    *update, funny one at that, I was able to seal a deal on both 295's for $750 :D
  7. Odd that it has no OS disk. Being suspicious, I wonder if . . . no, I don't want to know lol.

    Sounds like you are on your way!
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  9. Twoboxer said:
    Odd that it has no OS disk. Being suspicious, I wonder if . . . no, I don't want to know lol.

    Sounds like you are on your way!

    LOL, well it's from Cyberpower so yeah =) Kinda off topic, and ill post the question somewhere else, but I had my first BSOD about 15 minutes ago :fou:
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