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Matrix 5870P CF on Dell U2711

Okay a few questions,

1) while running these 5870 in CF attach both CF cables yes or no? and reasons why..

2) Display port resolution vs DVI resolution on dell u2711, it says the I need to use a dual DVI cable to get maximum resolution on the monitor. Does that mean i owuld also have to use dual DP to get the max resolution?? also this link form asus states some unclear info at least to me... (well link off a little should be specs)

What I gather from this is DP has a lower max res than DVI??? What is a dual DVI cable? Is it a y adapter of sorts? one DVI (video card) to two (monitor) ?? Would i need two DP to get max res?? Answers on this would be great !!

Rest of system right now(monitor and 2nd 5870 arrive tomorrow!)

NZXT Phantom case (white)
Patriot Viper II Sector 7 6GB 3X2GB DDR3 1600MHZ
WD Caviar Black 2TB
Coolermaster V6GT CPU Cooler
Matrix 5870 Platinum 2GB
Asus Rampage 3 Formula Motherboard
LG Blu Ray Writer
Intel i7 950

ps Anyone with this motherboard have any luck getting the soundblaster THX console working ???? says I don't have any installed compatable hardware (although the Realtek drivers/software work great)
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  1. Okay D-sub means D-subminiature AKA VGA cable that has a lesser resolution than the DVI but what about display port?? I assume that because there is only one and because of slighty higher specs it might need only one connector to display full resolution??

    Of course trial and error will be mostly definative ..

    any help or advice is warmly welcomed!!

  2. You seem to have answered your own questions so is there any point to this thread now?
  3. Just the first question really, One or two crossfire connectors and why?
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    Only one CF connector is needed for dual cards as the others are for Tri-CF an Quad CF.
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  6. Thank-you!! was looking and reading everywhere but was getting mixed results and opinions...

    Tom's Hardware = awesome
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