AMD Phenom II X6 3.2 GHz Processor


Does anyone use the AMD Phenom II X6 3.2 GHz Processor for playing the latest games.
If so how does it perform? What motherboard and GPU do you use with it?

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  1. An AMD Phenom II X6 is a perfectly capable CPU for games, the more powerful Intel CPUs are usually unnecessary for games as only SLI GTX580 can break out of the bottleneck on multi-screen setups.

    Due to the Phenom X6 being hexacore it is also fairly useful for more professional applications and overclocks well

    What nitin-26 said is gibberish and doesn't take into account you are playing games
  2. I have had the 1090T for about 24 hours. I upgraded from the 955be. So far I am very impressed. It overclocks well and runs very cool. 19C as I write this, while overclocked to 3.6GHZ. I did some gaming with it last night and to this point no problems at all. I ran 3DMark06 and 3DMark Vantage and futuremark says it requires a sysinfo update. Without the update the benchmarks ran well after the update they won't run, but this is a problem with Futuremark and not the CPU. Everest runs fine as well as the Passmark Benckmark suite. No doubt Intel has some great products. My upgrade path is with AMD products. Overall the system runs well and seems smoother and quicker at clock to clock settings v. the 955be.

    To add one more bit. I got the CPU to 4GHZ, no problem. As I said I have only had the CPU since yesterday and the thermal paste hasn't cured so I don't want to push it too hard but even at 4GHZ the CPU operated perfectly fine and ran cool while being stressed in Everest.
  3. I'm running a 1055T at ~3.7Ghz with no issues and at stock voltages on a Gigabyte 890fx-uda motherboard. I can go higher but I need to raise voltages to have a stable system... the system seems faster to me with the higher clocked HT (with lowered multiplier) than with it at normal speed with a higher clocked cpu. strange?
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