Transferring everything from 1 HD to a larger HD

I just got a new 1TB HD but I want to keep all the things I have on my other HD. How do u transfer the data/information/w/e. I also want to format my old HD does anyone know how to do that 2?
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  1. Is the drive you are trying to copy a boot drive? This makes a difference. If it's a boot drive, you will need to clone the drive using something like clonezilla. If it's a storage drive, you can simply do a regular file copy from one drive to the other.

    If you have any free sata ports in your computer, just hook the new drive up and start the cloning or copy process. If this is to be a boot drive, be sure to go into the bios after and change the boot drive. Once you are sure the copy process worked for you, then you can format the old drive.
  2. i think its a boot drive, its not a storage drive.
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