My weird problem after reebooting win 7!!!

Here is the problem by some following points I hope u guys can help me!!!!!! :pfff:

1) on 20\8\10 my win 7 was attacked by 288 trojans and 411 backdoor viruses, so I loaded windows 7 again on 21\8\10.

2) on 21\8\10 i again installed everything i had in my pc!!! like games,music,applications, and etc!!! but this time 1 software was giving a problem!!! and this software was my graphic card's driver!!! my graphic card is 240gt ddr3 1gb!! when ever i tried to install the driver, the error box comes and says "the hardware is not compitable with the software"!
therefore i removed by 240gt graphic card and installed the onboard graphic driver!! which woked perfectly!!!!

3) the next day 22\8\10 I tried to install my graphic card again and install the driver!!![before my pc was attacked by virus my 240gt driver installed and worked perfectly]

4)finally after 15 times of triyng to install the graphic driver the driver finally installed on day 22\8\10!!!!!(but later came the big problem)!!!

5) now this problem is bit weird--- the problem is that after all this virus and installation thing my pc woked abnormally!!

6)when ever I turn on my pc the pc starts with bios sound slowly and then the monitor's small power indicator light starts blipping for many time about 23-70 times, after 4 minitues my windows 7 starts and the home screen appears!!!!

7)this problem really annoyed me so i unplugged the VGA wire from my 240gt and tested on my onboard graphic port!!! I saw that windows 7 came perfectly as it did before 20\8\10!!!!

8)now I thought 5 things could go wrong in my pc those are:

(i)The Ram is perhaps damaged.
(ii) The virus may still be affecting my pc.
(iii)My graphic card is broken or somehow not working properly.
(iv)My computer is haunted by hackers and different types of trojans.
(v)My mother board or powersupply is damaged.

Note---->the solution must not be temporary please!!!!!! I beg u guys cause I am facing this problem from 20\8\10 till today and will be until a unique solution!!!

AND don't blame the monitor cause I tested on my other 2 pcs and the monitor worked fine!!!!! my 480GTX ran the monitor!!!

now what is going wrong i don't know but can anyone help me??? ---> below is my system configuration!!!

system config-------->>> WINDOWS 7 32 bit
Nvidia Geforce 240GT DDR-3 1GB
2 GB Ram DDR-2
160GB sata-II HDD
HP usb keyboard and mouse
mothrboard is NVIDIA 630i/7100 Geforce graphic
Intel core 2 duo processor 2.80GHZ 3mb L3 cache (now I overclocked to 3.80 GHZ)
Monitor is LG--FLATRON-W2043T 20 inch LCD


I beg u all!!!!! help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  1. Format your HD (not a quick format), reset your CMOS, make sure everything is seeded correctly (power, sata cables, ram etc...) reinstall windows 7, prior to installed games and apps, run windows update. When everything is updated and good to go, reinstall apps and games, download newest nvidia drivers along with newest audio drivers
  2. If I had to guess, the card might be going bad. It does somewhat sound like a hardware issue and secondly a driver issue. Another thing you can test is to go into BIOS and look for an option to turn off "onboard VGA" or something similar. Or reset the CMOS while the GTS240 is plugged in.
  3. ok now I guess this problem may be solved I'll give it a try!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. how did you solve it?
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