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hi guys, my parents decided to get me a computer when my exams are over (I live in South Africa) now if i get the computer i was looking on the lines of an i7 950, hd6950 or gtx 570 when they come out, x58 gigabyte ud3r motherboard, 6gb of ram 3x2gb modules (was looking at some mushkin silverline ram) 500 gig seagate barracuda 7200.12 and a coolermaster storm scout case, now i will be using the computer for gaming, programming, solid works, web design and a bit of cs5, now I need the computer next year for my studies but i guess I can wait until January, now i wonder what i could get for the same price as the 950 in the sandy bridge line up? do you think its worth the wait? I just have some problems picking out a PSU, i plan on crossfiring or SLIng in the future and power supplies in south africa are so overpriced im thinking of a seasonic 620 watt PSU but I dont think thats enough for two hd 6950s as i read in a review that they are power hungry, so I have a few questions

1. how much do you think the hd 6950 will go for?

2. how much power will the sandy bridge CPUs draw?

3. is it true that the hd 6950 will run hot and draw a lot of power, if so do you think its still worth going for? and do you think amd are making a huge mistake and it is going to be a fail just like nvidias gf100 cards?

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  1. Wait for sandy bridge, and by that time all the nVidia 5xx and the Radeon 6xxx will be completely released. This will either give you newer options, or drop the prices significantly on the nVidia 4xx and Radeon 5xxx series.
  2. how much did the i5 750 cost when it first came out?
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