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Hi There, I just recently acquired a new version of Metro 2033. Before I tried with a cracked version to see what the game was like but could not get it to run. I then went and bought the actual game after playing it on a mates PC. When I installed the original much to my surprise, it worked without a hitch (Or so I thought). However in metro I noticed that one can change DX from 9 through to 11 for which ever card you have support for. As I have a EAH5770 cucore I decided to try it in DX11, the game prompts me to restart. When I come into the game I ran into a problem, vertical Black stripes appeared across the screen. The game is still visible but I don't quite like the idea of playing a game through what looks like an oven grill. I did notice however that in DX9 and DX10 mode the game runs superbly.

I have installed the latest DX11 and the lastest ATI catalyst 10.9 and drivers, the problem still persists. Someone mentioned to me to try and install DX11 in compatibility mode on win7 64bit instead of as normal, I intend on giving it a go.

Intel E8400 3.0ghz 1333 fsb 6mb cache 45nm
Asus P5Q SE2 mobo
Asus EAH5770 cucore 1gb voltage tweak
2gb DDR2 800mhz Apacer ram
1x1TB seagate barracuda & 1x160gb Maxtor harddrives
530w Aerocool PSU
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  1. What's your monitor's aspect ratio? Are you running a resolution that fits the same aspect ratio as your monitor? Maybe the game automatically jumps into a different resolution when you use DX11. Just a guess.
  2. Well its a 19inch wide, I don't adjust the aspect ratio so my guess is it's still on 16:9, I think?? Not sure what the standard aspect for the monitor is.
    Wouldn't be the first time I've had a problem with the monitors "compatibility" thought, 3D Vantage doesn't quite like my monitors resolution either which is maxed on 1380x768. It always tells me the minimum res is not supported, no matter what I change it to. I find it strange though that it would stripe like that because of a resolution problem?? But I could a give it a go.
  3. Stripes are usually resolution and aspect ratio problems. Also, since 3DMark Vantage tries to use a standard for their benchmark testing, I think it might be giving you issues when trying to lower the resolution, especially in Performance presets. I don't know for sure since I do not have 3DMark Vantage installed right now.

    ...or perhaps it is a driver issue. Doing a clean sweep of the drivers and reinstalling wouldn't hurt anything but time.
  4. True, I need a proper driver sweeper though too, win standard application removal might not be to affective. I'll try mess with the aspect a little to see what happens. My OS is win7 64bit so maybe if it is drivers that could be a reason too. Thanks for the help. I'll get back to you if I get stuck. :D
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