Which RAM will my CPU allow

I have bought a i7 950 and an asus sabertooth x58 mobo.

My issue is that the i7 950 supports 1066MHz RAM but the motherboard supports up to 1600MHz.

So what RAM can I use, I assumed the limiting factor would be the motherboard.

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  1. There is a multiplier associated with memory, so you can run the memory at 1600 if that is what you have/will buy.

    Having higher rated memory will also help if you decide to overclock.
  2. Thanks for the reply.

    Can you explain further? So would i encounter issues running 1600MHz without overclocking or would it just default to 1066MHz and run fine?

  3. You should not encounter any problems running the memory at 1600 MHz without overclocking the CPU, and it is easy to set up.

    In BIOS under AI TWEAKER simply change DRAM Frequency to 1600 MHz if it does not use this setting automatically (also remember to set DRAM Bus Voltage if you are not using a 1.5v kit).
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