Computer Boots, but no display. Cards are both fine.

ok, First the computer specs.

MSI K9A2 CF-F 790x AMD chipset

G.Skill PC-8500 [running at 5-5-5-15 @ 800hmz just to make sure it passed memtest, it did.]

AMD Phenom 940 3.0 x 4 [non clocked]

1000W single rail power supply [4 years old]

Windows 7 home premium

THe cards I have tested in the box are an old 8600 gt and my sapphire HD 4890, both work in other machines.

I can boot the computer up to mem test or Bios, I am pretty sure the computer boot the entire way as i can still operate items through the network and access storage drives in the machine. It makes the normal boot noises.

About a week ago it started loosing picture on one f my 3 displays randomly. I installed new drivers etc and it only got progressively worse. After a While when i booted the computer it would freeze completely shortly after booting up windows successfully. I assumed it was the ATI drivers So i completely removed them and removed all excess hard drives and devices, took my HD 4890 out of the computer and trie booting to safe mode with the 8600 gt. It did once, but after i restarted, it hasn't shown a display again. It gets to the point where windows would pop up the blue log on screen and just shows a a rainbow line of colors at the top but i boots otherwise. It does this with any card I try,

Memory passed mem test. I have removed all excess hardware. I am assuming it is the motherboard? i have had problem with this board before, i had to send it in years ago when the northbridge melted itself for unknown reasons.

Any ideas would be useful! I am hoping i can fix it somehow because when this one goes, im going AM3 or moving to intel I7 dd3, i just dont want to shell pout the cash right now,

Also, for a few years this was a hot running Crossfire setup, 4890x2 but not lately, i was running just the one 4890
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  1. Have you tried a single card in the 2nd pci-e X16 slot and see if you have the same problem? Might be a bad lane Alot of boards support video from the 2nd lane and some do not - Hopefully yours does.
  2. from what i have read it does not, yes i did try. Nothing. It did let me boot to safe mode again, so this time i removed everything /I could possibly find with "ATI" on it. Just to make sure it isnt the drivers... it hasnt let me in again since restart though.. I think i may have deleted something i shouldnt have.

    My next step is to see if i can install windows onto another dirve and set it all up . if it works, im going to just reinstall on my good hd and move everything over. Im starting to think it may not be hardware but drivers...
  3. I just reinstalled windows and everything works fine. Guess my drivers just got seriously corrupted.....
  4. It happens, I'm glad you found a fix without having to spend and arm and a leg
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