Advice Wanted RE graphics card upgrade

Hello all,

I currently have the following spec pc:

4gb ram
2 x Nvidia 8800 GTS 512MB

I want to upgrade my graphics card, and I was thinking of getting a GTX460. Is that going to offer better performance than my two 8800's? or will the CPU become a bottleneck?

I tend to play racing games and having tried F1 2010 this morning the performance was really bad! 20fps at 1440x900 with all settings at ultra, so would the 460 improve this situation?

Many thanks for your help:)
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  1. A single GTX460? YEs, you will see a little performance increase...
    Dual GTX460? That's a worth upgrade from dual 8800GTS...
    Just make sure you have enough power on PSU. :)
  2. You'll see decent increase in performance. And not to mention, a single card solution would be a great advantage anyway. Especially with the GTX 460, it uses more or less the same amount of power as one 8800GT does, runs plentiful cooler and it supports DX11.

    As for the CPU, bottleneck (there goes that word again) might be prevalent in some games. But since it's rated at 2.5GHz at stock clocks, hopefully you can overclock it to 3.0GHz. You won't have to worry about "bottlenecking" then.
  3. 2 8800GTS 512s should handle that game fine on your resolution,there might be a driver problem or bad optimization which gives you low FPS.
    Anyway, a GTX 460 won't give you a huge boost in performance,because you play at a low resolution,if you wan to upgrade,then consider getting a new monitor first then add a more powerful VGA.
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