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It seems like I can't get what I want out of a prepackaged PC so I'm leaning toward building my own which will leave the door open for upgrades later. I am not looking to build a monster PC, and I do little gaming but I would consider myself a system hog. I am frequently on Photoshop, AutoCAD, iTunes, multiple internet pages and downloading. I have a budget of $1,200 max and I don't need a monitor... for now.

I first looked into Cyberpower but I had read in some forums to be wary of their warranties as some people had a lot of trouble with support. So I am now thinking of buying through Newegg who seems to get great reviews. I was wondering if the warranty offered through Cyberpower or Newegg is even needed or if I can just get manufacturer warranties on the parts I deem necessary and skip other warranty offers through said sites?

These are some of the parts I was looking into;

Video card-
I already have another 500GB HDD I will be installing and 2 dvd rw drives.

I know the video card is not great but I am trying to save money in that area and get a good processor, and the video card is an easy upgrade at a later date. Any opinions would be appreciated.
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  1. Please put it in this format, it makes it easier for us to help you!
  2. The mobo is probably a tad expensive, considering the budget. It's hot new tech...

    Does AutoCAD or 3d visualization (if you are into that) require good 3d power from the vid card? If yes you might want to get something just a little bit stronger, I suppose the GT220 can run current games easily though. Find out about 3d card power consumption - ie. check if you can find another card that offers similar performance with fewer watts consumed, this will help a bit with your cooling.
  3. 220 is a lousy, lousy card, and almost pointless -- its not significantly better than the on-board graphics. You're buying a $200 motherboard and a $300 processor. Why use a $60 GPU with this? get a HD6870 at least ($250)
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