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Hello, I'm looking for a nice big computer case for high end hardware for gaming.

My $ range is $100

I got 2 computer cases I'm looking at but I don't know what to choose

Antec 900

HAF 922

It has to big enough for high end GPU and have good cable managment with good air flow.
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    HAF 922 is much better than the Antec 900. The HAF 922 has much better cable management and airflow. Also has room for the latest GPUs because of the sideways HDD cages.

    Honestly the Antec 900 isn't even in competition with the 922.
  2. Thats what I was thinking beause I do plan on xfire 6870 in it and antec doesn't seem that good because of no room.
  3. The 900 is a very old design. The updated 902 is much better than the 900. But the fact remains that the HAF 922, while uglier imo, is just a better case as far as cooling performance, wire management, and video card size.
  4. I like the solid look the 922 brings. It looks like it was made from the military.
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