How should I split my 2TB HDD?

Until I'll have enough money to buy an ssd, I'll only be using a 2TB seagate barracuda
now my question it, should I use partitions on it?
like - 100GB for OS, 800GB for games/programs and stuff, and another 800-900GB for storage.
Is this a good or bad idea?
I could install everything on one partition aswell, but I'd much rather having partitions.
and an unrelated question, should I use sata AHCI mode on my HDD?
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  1. yes your partition sizes are spot on
    use ahci mode and not ide, ide mode is meant for compability with older hard drives
  2. AHCI -- yes

    Creating a partition for your OS in roughly the same size as your anticipated new SSD may facilitate an easier transition.

    At a minimum, you should create several *blind partitions* (at minimal size without setting a drive letter) for any unanticipated future need.

    By nature of a mechanical drive, some portions of the platters will spin faster, but I've never tested a 2TB drive for optimal partition sizes - and in the big scheme of things, including your future move to an SSD ...

    I wouldn't worry about it!
  3. and when I'll get the ssd, should I have 2 partitions- 30% games/programs, 70% storage?
    the second one of them will be for storage, since the first partition is faster, right?
    and one more question, is 2TB too much? I remember it felt almost impossible to fill up my 1TB. so I could get 1TB for cheaper.
  4. If you are not storing a lot of recorded TV or videos, 1TB should be fine
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