SLi Setup PC Locking UP?

My PC randomly Locks up at the windows " WELCOME" screen.
It does it every once in a while. I cant do anything but reset the PC and it works..
Happens like once every other day. But it works fine any other time.

Usually started when i got my SLi up and running.
Both cards work fine on their own.

What might be the problem?

MB: MSI NF 750 G55 ( Latest Bios )
RAM: Corsair XMS3 1333 MHz DDR3 4Gb Ram
OS : Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit.
HDD: 300GB 7200RPM Western Digital
CPU: Amd Phenom 2 x4 955 BE @ stock Clock 3.20 GHz
PSU: Antec Earthwatts 650 Watt
Case: Antec 900 2 with normal Fans
Disc Drive: LITE ON DVD Burner
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  1. Have you got the latest drivers for your cards? What are they?
  2. Which cards? You didn't mention that.
  3. Oh my bad... Their 2 GTX 260 Core 216.

    And no latest drivers give me a lot of problems. Just make the PC crash a lot with blue screen. But if u use the previous version i never get blue screened.
  4. Well, the rest of your computer seems okay unless there's a dud component in there. More likely a driver issue. Does nVidia control panel detect the SLi? Which drivers are you actually using?
  5. Im currently using the 257.21 Drivers.
    Right now it just locked up on me.
    Temps on video cards are on the 40's right now. Theirs also no event in Event Log.
    It just locks up.
  6. Lockups are no fun... It could be a faulty power supply issue or faulty connectors. There might also be some overheating elsewhere on the computer. Have you tried booting the computer with one card for both of the PCIe slots? Maybe one slot is faulty, particularly the bottom slot.
  7. Ive had this problem for about a month already. But i have not had time due to work. But I've tried switching them Master to slave card and so forth. They seem just fine device manager shows them working fine. The way it locks up is just the screen just freezes but mouse i cant still move around then it just freezes completely.

    Their both BFG cards so i cant contact BFG anymore...
  8. How long have you had this setup going before there were any issues?

    Could be something besides the GPU's, memory perhaps? I'd suggest a memtest.
  9. @ OP, Are you running Nvidia System Tools?
  10. Completely rebuilt the whole thing just kept the my old gtx 260 from previous build...
    Had it for about a month and a half.

    Tried newest drivers and it doesn't even go 1 minute after start up before freezing.
    Safe mode works like wonders. It never freezes trough here. I will try older drivers and see if that helps.

    Been Using Driver Sweeper also before installing new drivers.

    No only Nvidia Control Panel.

    And well i cant even launch a game since it locks up.
  11. Have you tried running without the SLi bridge? I kind of suspect the PSU but that's an expensive and PITA part to change if it's not the cause and don't have a spare one lying about.
  12. I took the SLI bridge but it froze at the welcome screen again.

    And before that i installed the 197 Drivers and it booted into a Sky blue screen no cursor or anything just blank sky blue screen.

    Right now its running fine without the SLI but istill havent tried any games.
  13. Is there any way you can borrow another PSU from somewhere?
  14. And it froze as soon as i launched a game...
    And actually yes... but my friends not out of school yet kinda waiting on that since its the LAST and only thing that i have not tried.
  15. I just went sli with the same psu.
    So I know it only has 1 6 pin 1 8 pin.
    How are you getting your four 6 pin connections ?
    Adapters or splitters.
    two molex to 1 6 pin ?
    If thats the way I would put 1 6 pin in 1 card with 2molex to 1 6pin
    The other card do the same use 6+2 connector with 2molex to 1 6 pin

    I used Y splitters on the original two pcie connectors I have.
    I think this balances things out?
  16. Tried smae thing happened...
    locked up... no matter what. I tried the cards each one alone in the bottom slot one of them seems to be running fine while the other one seems to lock up when its in the bottom slot.
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