Asus bios does not see all memory

I have a rampage 3 motherboard and updated the bios to the latest 1401 version. I have the intel core I7 socket 1366 LGA x980@3.33ghz. I have 6 Corsair DDR3 CM3X2G2000C7GT memory chips. For some reason in the bios setup it shows the memory as 4gigs usable. In Windows 7 again 4gigs usable....but when I use CPU-Z it shows all 12 gigs on the system. Just to note - I did all checks on the memory, cleaning them, switching them, etc, etc.
If someone has knowledge of a fix please let me know. It would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. double check the CPU seating. on the first gen i7 if the cpu is not pushed up against the top of the socket but rather resting on the bottom it can missmatch pins and cause this issue. reseat the CPU and check again for your ram amount.
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