Sata to firewire 800

Hi, i have been looking for an internal sata to firewire 800. i have found some mostly are hub but i want something simple so i can hook it up inside my cpu.

can this

hook directly onto ur motherboard? so i can have a external firewire 800 port.
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  1. are you out of SATA connections inside your computer?

    do you have space for a SATA controller? PCI or PCIe
  2. No, the item you have linked to on amazon cannot be fitted internally, and is only compatible with Seagate "GoFlex" external hard drives.

    " i have been looking for an internal sata to firewire 800".

    You have been looking for the wrong type of device. What you need is a Firewire PCIe Card which fits into a PCIe slot:
  3. i ran out of pci slot and left with 2 sata slot. by using the male and female sata maybe i can connect to it? then i can will connect to the external firewire 800 drive
  4. Sorry, I don't think there are any adapters that will inter-convert a SATA port and a Firewire 800 port. They are just too different. It make much more sense to have a PCIe card with a Firewire 800 controller on it to create a real port.

    Alternatively, look at your external drive unit. Does it have ANY other connection port on it besides Firewire 800? Maybe eSATA or USB? I know, USB2 is SOOOO much slower that Firewire 800, but it does work. And if it happens to have USB3, that's a fast communications link. Then see if your computer has a matching port to work with.
  5. MAYBE. The info is limited and unclear to me. But it appears to connect your choice of eSATA, USB2 or Firewire 800 to a SATA port. It needs a power supply from a common Molex 8981 4-pin connector. What I cannot grasp is whether one of those connections is to a mobo port on the host computer to provide your choice of connections to a peripheral device (hard drive), or the other way around - choose one type of mobo port to connect a SATA HDD to. And I can't figure out where and how it is mounted. I found one accessory seller's site for a related CalOptic product that indicates it allows you to use a SATA port in the host to connect an external HDD unit via USB2, Firewire (400 or 800) or eSATA, so that is the type of connection you seek.

    Whether it works or not is unknown. I could not find any reviews or comments.
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