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So here's my situation, I want to do a multi monitor setup. I game a lot. I want to run two independent monitors so that I can do games on one and other stuff on the other one. I was wondering what card I can get so that I can game on one and watch an HD video on the other? I was looking at the GForce 250 because the Best Graphics Card for Your Money article said that that would run very well at 1680x1050 which is my resolution. If I got the new monitor I would probably run it in 1920x1080. If I need multiple video cards I can't fit two big ones, although I have the slots, because there is not enough space. It would be nice to get 2 DVI ports or possibly one dvi and one HDMI port.
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  1. You kind of answered your own question.

    Yes, a 250 would be fine for what you want to do, but it also depends on what games you plan on playing and with what eye candy turned on. Keep that in mind when you're driving two monitors, not just one, even though a game is only running on one monitor.
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