Need help knowing what speakers if any would work with my monitor.


I have been wanting to get Speakers for my monitor recently for when I play Xbox. I have to hook up my Astro headset to play since my monitor does not have built in speakers.

Monitor seen here:

Problem being the only ports on the back of the monitor are HDMI, DVI-D, D-SUB, Blue Audio Jack, and the AC-IN. The only port I could see a set of speakers plugging into is the Blue Audio Jack but I have not seen any that do, and from what I know that is an input. So, am I out of luck? Or is there a way to do this.

Thank you for any input,
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  1. for that monitor, it only passes audio from the HDMI input (the xbox) and plays it out the blue headphone jack. So if you hook up some speakers to that port, it should work. The monitor has a volume adjustment for the HDMI input even thpugh it doesn't have any speakers..
  2. Hm, I found a spare set of speakers around the house and tried to plug them into the blue port. No luck on that. I did not think it would work since the plug-in is green where as the port is blue.
  3. and you had the xbox on when you did that?
  4. Yes.

    And I tested the speakers out when hooked up to the computer and they are working speakers.
  5. Is your xbox plugged into the HDMI port?
    if so then turn the speakers up about 3/4's and then using the monitors on screen display, navigate to the volume and turn it up. This will only work if the xbox360 is hooked up thru the HDMI cable.
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