Need help fast!!! choosing an SSD

well i have this one from samsung (didnt bought it it)
but i saw this one which is faster with has reading and alot of faster with writing

i am ordering the computer in like 10 minutes so please help me chose i wanted to go with the Samsung but now i saw this one
and they have they same time of warranty
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  1. Another great one, also has a 5-year warranty and better sustained read & write performance than the Samsung:
  2. aww please answer my question i need from this 2 i have limited budget
  3. You'll be happy with the Samsung.
  4. do you even looked on the specs or just threw me something?
    i know Samsung is good but i think corsair is better
  5. First, Benchmarks are decieving in that you will NEVER see the diff between the better SSDs in real Life day-2-day usage.
    AND never pay any attention to Manuf Sequencial performance.
    1) They use ATTO, a HDD benchmark tha uses highly compressable data - NOT close to real life and favors the SF22xx Controller. If you MUST look at Seq performance look for AS SSD results.
    2) For a OS + Program SSD, Sequencial performance is the LEAST important matrix - it is the Random 4k that is important.

    I just bought the 256 gig Samsung 840 Pro to replace the Crucial 256 gig M4. The Samsung pro overall AS SSD score is aroun 1100 (Newer Z77 chipset it can reach 1200),My "lowly M4 scores around 700. Big diff in benchmark score (57%), did that translate into 57% improved perfomance - NOPE, shaved a Sec or two off boot time (approx 8 Sec forWindows 8) and NO diff in program load times - Had to see a change of say 25 millisconds to 20 millisec (word, Excell w/small spredsheet)- LOL.
    Why Did I buy it - Has lower Power consumption which can be important for a Laptop - Desktop, power consumption irrelavent.

    Personally, The Samsung 830 or the Crucial M4 would be a better choice.
    Reasoning A) will never see the diff in performance between these Three. B) the 30 and the M4 have a longer track record for reliability and least user problems. The 840 (non Pro) uses a NEW NAND chip (tri-cell) and as such does not as of yet have the "proven" track record - Probably will be fine, But??. C) Cost for M4 should be around the same, and Lower if you can chatch on sale.

    PS I never recommend the SF22xx based SSDs unless it is at a considerable discount (reference your comment on Corsair SSD) And Yes I do look at Benchmarks, but ignore in most cases

    Crucial M4 @ newegg $110 ($120 if you want it with the transfer Kit - HOWEVER currently out of stock - It is popular.
    Instock @ Tigerdirect for $120:

    More on Benchmarks. Older reviews use to include 3Dmark Vantage test. This is Much more representative of real life - They stop using, Why because it showed there was almost NO diff between the "better" SSDs.
    Case in point my M4 vs my 840 Pro in opening a word doc that was 300 pages. May be a second difference PROVIDED the document was on the SSD and not on the HDD. If the doc was on a HDD, the program may load 5 millisecs faster BUT the load of the doc would be at the mercy of the HDD performance.

    Remember that a 120/128 gig SSD only has about 94/102 Gigs usable. With space saving tweaks that means windows 7 + programs (excluding games) will take about 30>35 gigs which then leaves about 60->70 gigs fee for games + whatever.
    Don't forget to factor in the 8 gigs more space on a 128 gig SSD vs a 120 gig SSD when looking at cost.
  6. I normally recommend Samsung. Samsung has an excellent track record. Intel and Crucial are also worth considering.

    You linked to a Samung 840. The 840 is designed as an ordinary everyday mainstream ssd while the 840 Pro is the high performance model.

    The Corsair Force 3 you linked to is an old model with an old SandForce controller. SandForce has not come out with a new controller in over 2 years. Those older controllers were design to work well with compressible data files. They did not do so well with incompressible data such as photos and videos.

    The Plextor MP5 Pro and MP5 Pro Extreme are good ssd's but they should not be compared to the the Samsung 840. It is like comparing apples and oranges. The MP5 Pro and MP5 Pro Extreme should be compared to the 840 Pro.

    I maintain the ssd database listed in the sticky at the very top of this forum section. Here is the link:

    Scroll down to the brands and models you are interested. Your will see that the controllers and memory are identified for each model. Follow the links to the technical reviews.

    Retired Chief is right about synthetic benchmarks. They are called synthetic benchmarks for a reason. They are not real and do not accurately represent actual real world performance. They are designed to grossly exaggerate small differences in performance.
  7. so its doesnt really matter which one?
  8. A edited my above post.

    Performance wise NO.
    However if only a 10% diff in price I would not think twice, Id Go for the M4, plextor or samsung over a SF22xx Based SSD. This is based on Reliability/Least usre problems.

    BUT as you can see in the link that I added, the M4 si CHEAPER than the Corsair by 10% AND you get approx 8 gigs MORE space. So Lets see M4 $10 Cheaper and 7% MORE space - No Contest here!

    So My Recommdation is THE Crucial M4
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