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Hay guys,
I have a problem with my WD external drive that has a password property. When i plug it in my laptop it works normally but after i type the password and press ok the laptop freezes for a moment and the external gets ejected and start the process all over again! When i opened disk management after reading some websites i found it UNALLOCATED and NOT INITIALIZED.... please help me.
Thank you
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  1. Most likely the hard drive is fine, it's the USB side of it that's faulty.

    You can first try a new USB cable, but if that makes no difference, the problem could be inside the enclosure. In there is a SATA-USB bridge chip (essentially a small PCB) and this is a likely suspect. It fails and causes drive errors.

    The usual fix is to extract the actual hard drive, remove the bridge chip, then put the drive into a third-party enclosure.

    The worst scenario, however, is that the bridge-chip is fine and it's not a USB problem, but the actual hard drive is faulty. You may want to test it first with WD Data LifeGuard Diagnostic for Windows:

    note: ignore the hard drive model pictured on the download page. The testing software is compatible with all external & internal WD hard drives.
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