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The nVidia's faster ... right?


I just bought the cheapo version of Dell's XPS Studio, has an Athlon II X4 quad-core processor and an ATI Radeon HD 4200 card, 3gigs RAM. First thing, I pulled that card out and slipped my nVidia 9500GT in its place (with its latest driver, after flushing out the ATI's). I'd have expected the nVidia to be the best-performing, but even when tuned-up Win7 gave it an "experience index" score of only 3.1 vs. the ATI's 5.3 (no surprise that video performance was still the lowest category on the PC), so the ATI went back in.

Am I wrong about their relative performances (I didn't spend enough time with the 9500GT to make a comparison), or might there be some incompatibility with the AMD processor and the nVidia? I guess it would make some sense if that CPU preferred the ATI card, but such a jump in Win7's scores (if they mean anything) was a surprise. No biggie, just wondering -- I like nVidia. Thanks!

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  1. Can you find out which card the ATI was exactly? Should be able to tell with a program like GPU-Z.

    You can refer to the Toms hierarchy chart, but the 9500 should be faster.,2732-7.html
  2. What HD4200 series? Isn't that the onboard graphic? If yes, then it's not good at all (generally the onboard graphic are weak), so yes, 9500GT is MUCH faster than the onboard HD4200.

    Never use Windows experience index, that's a bad scoring program.
    Use benchmark or some kind like that to test your system.
  3. Well Papilio has mentioned that he physically pulled out the card before putting in the 9500GT.. So it cannot be the HD 4200 which is an onboard graphics chip.. Like Petey has mentioned, we need to know the exact info about previous ATI card.. As for the WEI scores, they are crap surely but they too wont slip up this big.. I guess it was an observation error or some other fault done by the user himself..
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    Hmmm, I thought DELL's usually have a 2600 pro or a 4200 in their low end computers.

    From what he says he has a:

    Which states a 4200 so he may have taken something else out, he may need to go into his mobo and change what gpu is being used.
  5. LOL!

    " ... he must have taken something else out ..." So I thought I'd double check. All these times I've gone into the Advanced display panel I'd never thought to glance at the adapter version ... it's an HD 5450 1GB! So much for truth in advertising, certainly not what the listing said, but let's hear it for eBay!

    Thanks guys!

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  7. lol, inb4 lock.
    But seriously, try and find the problem on your own by checking system specs next time :D
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