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I am searching for a good 2TB external hard drive. I just found out that there is a MASSIVE price difference between drives using power adapters and the ones that don't. I want one that runs smoothly on Linux, Windows ànd Mac, without any problems. Any suggestions? So far I am looking into http://www.amazon.com/Book-External-Drive-Storage-Backup/dp/B0042Z55RM/ref=amtcd_B005HMKKH4_B0042Z55RM

Any tips or advices? Are there other pros or cons for example between these two except for the power adapters?
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  1. I have both types, three mains-powered, and one portable "My Passport".

    All are WD models, and all have been reassuringly reliable, and still are (which is more than I can say for the three Seagate ones which all ended up as land-fill within 2 years).

    I use the Passport one to carry on my travels in my laptop bag, mounted in a purpose-made protective shell called the "WD Nomad", also available from Amazon:

    The biggest and main advantage of the portable models is just that - portability.
    and the ability to mount it in it's protective shell when on the move. I wouldn't want to keep moving my mains-powered external drives around from place to place - too much hassle.
  2. I have a 3 year old seagate 2tb usb3 drive that I've had no problems with. This is the book sized external with a 3.5" drive inside that uses an interchangeable dock that you can also get in usb2 or esata forms.
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