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We live in a rural area.I am paying $55.00 a month for 1024 KB Internet speed, but I have trouble watching videos that buffer several times for a 5 minute video. GRRR!

I right click a you-tube video and it gives me a reading of just 700 kb less than I am paying and less than my ISP and other comparable providers. I understand traffic slows it some but not all the time.

Is this my router slowing me down and would a better one speed it up and is a tower usually consistent in a single speed?
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  1. Are you using wifi at home, because that'll cut your speed.
  2. What type of connection do you have? Sattelite, cable, DSL, other?

    Go to ww.dslreports.com and do a speed test there, run it a few times during the day so you can get a good average, that will tell you the actuall speeds you are getting. Note that in your contract it probably states that your top speeds are not guaranteed to be there 100%, you can complain, but you may end up out of luck.

    If you have satellite, streaming and onling gaming will have issues due to the large amount of delay as the signal is traveling, something called "lag" or "latency". http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Network_performance
  3. yes, what type is that? you better refresh yourself into wifi connection if I were you. it may seem to slow down but you'll get so much fun not only to your home but you'
    ll enjoy learning it. here wifibsd(dot)org. it taught me how to appreciate it. :)
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