Hi everyone , I'm new to this forum

I'm planning to buy EVGA GTX 460 1024MB FTW EE graphics card ( link )

I'm wondering if this card would be enough to keep up with high new games in the future , or not ? Should I get another one & make them work together (SLI) , or would that be too much ?
I've decided to buy only one card to give myself the ability to upgrade to another cards supporting higher versions of direct x of model shader in the future rather than having 2 cards play most games smoothly but not support newer versions of direct x or model shaders , but I've seen a review about this card (link) where it played Crysis at only 19 FPS , so that made me think that maybe one card isn't enough although the card I intend to buy has higher core clock (850MHz) and higher memory & shader clock , What do you think ?
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  1. barrymobiel said:

    Would that be enough ?
  2. Check the 460 / 460sc / 460 SLI reviews on benchmarkreviews.com

    Will answer your questions
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