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Which PSU wire to plug into new 6950?

So I just got an HIS 6950, the quick start guide isn't really helping with this problem at all.

So my PSU is 800 watts, my old card was a GTS 250, which had ONE of these 6 pin plugs plugged into it, however I found a second one bundled up to the side. (I got my computer from Cyberpowerpc)

I'm assuming I use both of these to power the 6950? It also came with two dual MOLEX to 6 pin adaptors but I don't think I need to use them?

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  1. use the second 6 pin PCie connector, It mainly to help spread the amperage and reduce heat issues at the connector. Be happy you dont melt your connector. :-)
  2. So by the second one you mean the one that's at the bottom of the picture?
  3. Yes use the 2nd 6-pin as well as the one you used for the GTS 250. The 6950 has 2 sockets for those 6-pins cable to go in. You don't need to use the molex to 6 pin converter
  4. Right, but each cable has two 6-pin connectors on them. Does it matter which one i sue?
  5. nope. as seen in your picture, the bottom right cable is split into two 6-pins connectors, so just use those.
  6. Alright, that makes sense, but just to clarify (I'm very prone to mess something up.)
    Do I use both Red, both purple, or both blue.

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    Actually it does not even matter which combination of those connectors you choose to match, as long as they are 6-pins, you are okay. Just choose the combination which makes your cable management neater.
  8. Alright sweet, thanks a lot.
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