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I have a pretty old ASUS A8NE-FM motherboard with 2 slots of ram. I noticed when i plug a second ram into the outer slot (the one being the furthest from the processor) it turns off both slots. When i start the computer there is a constant long beep and nothing happens. When i plug in only 1 ram to that outer slot the problem is the same, but when i only plug something into the inner slot nothing is bad, except that i have a 2gb module and bios only recognises 1024 mb. How should i fix this?


P.S. : Sorry for my english.
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  1. Welcome to Tom's Forum! :)

    I assume the A8NE-FM is an OEM MOBO.
    The specs I found indicate it can ONLY support 1GB per DIMM:
    Dual-channel memory architecture
    4 x 184-pin DIMM sockets support non-ECC unbufferred 400/333 MHz DDR memory modules
    Supports up to 4 GB system memory

    Also the RAM should be installed in the same colored DIMM slots, and the RAM per Channel (must) at least should be the same size. IF your version only has 2-DIMM slots, I can easily assume it's limited to 2GB of RAM or 2x1GB.

    ref -

    edit: The Fix - get another 1GB stick with the SAME: Frequency, CAS Timings, Voltage and 1GB.
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