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SLI bottlenecking

Will the Core i5-760 bottleneck 2 GTX 460's in SLI? I don't think it will because it's a pretty impressive CPU.

And also will it work with 1 single GPU in x8? Or is the only configuration as it states 2x8?
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  1. No bottlenecks will be had. In SLI you'll be at 8x/8x config, and again it won't matter. I'm running a pair of overclocked 5850s without issue on an i5 750. Reviews show the 8x lanes make very, very little difference. Between P55 and X58, with 5870s in the slots, the 8x/8x vs 16x/16x was less than 5% worse which can be attributed to other things like a slower CPU, slow DMI, or other stuff.

    Anyway, don't worry about a bottleneck. Just make sure your mobo is SLI certified.
  2. Will i be able to use just 1 GPU with this motherboard for now?

    Untill i get another for sli?

    Cause the i5-760 says it supports 1x16 or 2x8 but not 1x8.
  3. Yes of course. the 1156/P55 platform supports 16 PCIe lanes. With a single card you get all 16 lanes in one slot, with two cards you split the lanes to 8x/8x. 16 lanes provies more bandwidth, but like I was saying that doesn't really matter since most GPUs don't fill up 8 lanes' bandwidth.
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    if you run one card the default is 1x16

    in SLI its 2x8
  5. Thanks for the support guys :D You were both helpful so i'll just flip a coin to see who gets best answer ^.^
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