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I unlocked the 4th core of an Athlon 445. I have read that CPUID should not read the core temps at that point. I am showing core temperatures which I think are too high since I have no programs running at this temp. Should I assume that the temp readings are not accurate or in this case it just happens to be reporting correctly after I unlocked the 4th core? If it is correct I assume I need more than the stock cooler to run all 4 cores with no over clocking.

I show the cpu temp at 31C which was the same as when I only had 3 cores

Now I show a big increase in the individual cores after unlocking the 4th. They range from 56C to 60C before I run any programs and if I stress them they go up considerably higher.
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  1. Unlocking the forth core might add about 6c if it is healthy, mine is about 4c. I would disregard the core temps.

    Do run a stability test to make sure your unlocked core is stable.
  2. Rather have a look inside your BIOS, those readings may be more accurate.
  3. If the individual core temps are 60ºC at idle after the unlock, what were they before?

    It's possible that the fourth core was disabled because it caused an unacceptable temp increase in the others for whatever reason.

    Use Prime95 to really stress the CPU. Use the "In-place large FFTs" torture test setting and see if it causes problems. You'll need to run it for several hours (overnight or more) to get a more full test.
  4. When using only three cores the cpu temp stays about the same but individual cores go down to 18C. Also with Prime95 I will get upper 50's with three cores but If I remember it hit the 80's with 4 cores. The cpu temp in the bios is pretty close to the cpu temp I see in HWmonitor. My way of thinking was that I originally RMA'd a 440 cpu and unlocking the 4th core rendered the individual cores unreadable(as has been pointed out before) so I thought why does the 445 cpu show 4 readable cores now. Also it jumps up so much on the individual cores but the overall cpu temp stays the same that seems to be telling me the core temps are not correct. Maybe in this case it is reading correctly for this particular CPU but I am not sure.
  5. I would believe the individual core temps over the one overall CPU temp. The individual temps likely come from the built-in digital temp sensors in each CPU core, whereas the overall temp likely comes from a sensor outside the CPU itself.

    I use Core Temp (0.99.8) for my temp readings. It seems accurate for my Sandy Bridge processor, which throttles down automatically if it gets too close to the Tjmax (max safe temp). Download that and see what it says.
  6. Loosing core temps is apart of enabling ACC. If enable ACC on any mb with a native x4 you loose core temps, it's just part of the unlock package.

    Your comparison as an x3 is exactly what you need to do, compare core temps to socket temps at idle and load. Then you will know pretty good where your core temps would be. Your 18c core temps at idle sounds about right. My core temps as an x3 idles about 10c lower than socket temp, but with any kind of load they come up to just below socket temp. Check your cpu for that relationship between core and socket temps at load and you should find that your socket temp is a safe temp for the cores as well.

    If you want to unlock, socket temp is all your going to get.

    Make sure your bios is up to date as well. I know my particular mb lists a newer bios for a C3 445 over a C2 440.

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