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  1. Well... we need to know your motherboard to check compatibility of the X4 630 but guessing that the X6 1100T is supported, the X4 630 will be at a minimum supported with a BIOS update.
  2. its a different computer since im getting a 1100t on my main computer i want to drop my 630 in my old acer its motherboard is a acer f690gvm
  3. it seems unlikely
  4. What is your ACER system number (model number for complete PC)?
  5. what happens if i just try to fit it in?
  6. No harm in trying to get it to fit... Just don't force it to fit :D

    If your lucky, it'll boot without issues or it won't boot at all with no harm no foul. Worse case... it damages the CPU (very unlikely though :) ).
  7. lol i read that since its a oem board likely there is no bios to update can i ask you a question though my new mb on my new computer says ill have to update the bios should i do that right now is there any bad chance of anything happening when i do?
  8. Typically, BIOS flashing is straight forward, as long as you follow the requirements for your motherboard manufacturer. I only recommend flashing through the BIOS... DO NOT use a Windows based program.
  9. thanks man or woman lol
  10. Man... But thanks :D
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