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Alrighty gents, here's the issue: I recently installed a third video card into my rig. Here's the specs:
4.0ghz core i7 930
6 gigs ddr3 sdram
asus p6x58d mobo
tri sli gtx 260's
hx 1000
antec 1200 case

so.... here's the problem. Given the way that the third video card slot is, my third video card is blowing air into the case. I was worried about the video card seem quite good. I modded the side of the antec 1200, so there is lots of mesh area on the side so that air can blow out the side of the case. My main concern is this: my PSU seems slighty hot. I'm not sure if I'm going to end up damaging the system if I continue to use it like this. The video card, motherboard, and cpu temps are fine; however, I have no way to tell if the powersupply is getting to hot... (There is about 3 inches between the video card that is blowing air into the case and the power supply fan intake. Is there a way to know if I'm killing my currently perfect PSU?
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    I estimate that you are pulling less than 600 watts from your PSU. I am pretty sure your PSU will be fine.

    One suggestion is to monitor the output temperature of your PSU to try to get an idea of the temps inside the PSU.

    I use an instant read, electronic cooking thermometer to monitor my temps.
  2. alrighty. Thanks for the reply. The instant thermometer is a good idea. I'll give that a shot. :)
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