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Its been awhile, and I am no kid, so I forget stuff now days. Trust me, if you are not there you will be so don't laugh to hard:)
I am thinking about a new build.
What I would like to do is, buy a Tower with the MB, CPU, PSU all installed.
I do not want onboard Sound or Video. On board NIC is OK.

I am lost as to what is better then...

I want really good video, but can not afford crossfire right now. So a board that I may be able to upgrade to in the future?

Intel has always worked well for me. But I am unsure of which Processor to go with. i7 or i5. Money is an issue!

So where can I find this rig?

On the tower,MB,CPU,PSU, I am trying to stay in the 800-1,000 range.

Any help is appreciated.

If I left out info that is needed just let me know.
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  1. For an $800-1000 budget you will have to go i5, but no worries, because the i5 is still a great CPU. I would recommend the i5-750, which is an 2.66GHZ quad-core CPU with 8MB of L3 Cache. They are going for $199 on

    I unfortunately cant help much with crossfire MOBOs, but should help with that. However if you want to stay under a grand, you might have to drop the Crossfire and just get an single PCI-X 16x mobo, in the $100 range.

    However if you go with an AMD Radeon HD6850 with 1GB of GDDR5 memory, you should be fine video wise without needing Crossfire, though it is nice. This card will put you down around $200.

    For a PSU, you will want around 700 watts, and I would say go Corsair, a 700 watt Corsair PSU will cost you around $80

    For memory I recommended 4GB of G-SKILL DDR-1600 memory. This will cost about $65.

    For a Hard Drive, I say go with an Samsung Spinpoint F3 or F4, this will cost you around $50

    For a Case, check for a case that suits your taste, keep it under $75.

    Lastly an new Windows 7 OS will cost you $99. If you have 4GB or more of memory you will need an 64-bit OS.

    Total Cost, around $870. <-- the site to find all this stuff.
  2. Consider on-board sound. It is ages ahead of where it was a few years ago, and a very small portion of people buy audio cards these days.
  3. Quote:
    Lastly an new Windows 7 OS will cost you $99. If you have 4GB or more of memory you will need an 64-bit OS.
    only get 64 bit....

    Samsung Spinpoint F3 or F4
    F3, F4 isn't as good..

    4GB of G-SKILL DDR-1333
    only get the 1600 MHZ version, don't touch 1333

    Consider on-board sound.
  4. THANKS so much for the info. Many things I had not thought about, such as the 64bit.
    Onboard Sound was not even a consideration :) (till now).
    Though I was thinking about a intergrated NIK.
    I kind of thought cross fire would be to pricey. But I can dream. I need to do some

    homework on if I can get a MB that will allow me to upgrade later to crossfire.
    I have a PCI-X MB (intel) now with a good (but older) vid card (Radeon X1950)

    along with 3GB memory.
    I am going to look into the AMD Radeon HD6850 . ATI (now AMD?) has also been good

    to me.
    Western has always been good to me. Product and help.
    Can't go wrong with Corsair. I hve a 550 now.

    If I can ask, whats the problem with 1333MHZ memory?

    Again, thanks for all the info. I don't want to or can afford to get a bad PC.
    And asking here and a couple other places usually keeps me safe!

  5. Get the 6870, most mobos support at least 2 gpus.

    Integrated nics are fine, unless you want wireless.

    The problem with 1333 mhz ram, is that it has higher CAS timings, and is generally slower...

    You're welcome :)
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