Wait for i7-2600k or just got with 875k?

I know the speed difference, etc

but i REALLy want a pc now. i can get a decently cheap one wit a gtx 560 ti and an i7-875k for under $1200

my original build had a 6850 with i7-2600k. but then an hour after i ordered it, the sandy bridge thing came up and cyberpowerpc called me to tell me my order was cancelled

should i just get what i can get now?

or wait til march 1st to get the i7-2600k

im gonna be doing

-editing/encoding 1080/60p hd footage
-some gaming, but love having everything maxed out when i do
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  1. I'd wait....and I expect that's gonna be April, not March.
  2. cyberpowerpc says they will offer sandy bridge chips on march 1st

    and i got the exact parts from newegg....cheaper on cyberpower :( sry otherwise i would build it myself
  3. I'd build yourself either way. Haven't read too many good reviews on Cyberpowers. Either way, both chips are excellent, just depends on if you want to wait for SB which is a bit better

    Or go ibuypower
  4. If you really REALLY absolutely need the PC now, of course go with the 875K.

    If there's any possibility that you can wait until they are available, Sandy Bridge is definitely worth it.

    You wouldn't be disappointed either way, but you'll be "not disappointed" for longer with the Sandy Bridge.
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