Asus X58 P6T V2 Need 1600mhz RAM.

Hello all! I know my P6T V2 is now "old" but I am wanting to update it a bit, instead of a full upgrade. I am getting the intel 320
120gb SSD and I am wanting to update my ram. Currently I have 12gbs 1333mhz. I am wanting to go for 8-16gbs of 1600mhz. I
am a bit confused if my mobo will take this ram (the ram I am thinking of getting) is
. I know the mobo can handle up to 24gbs of ram. The only way I see it doing that is if it will take 4gb sticks. The mobo manual confuses me by what it says in the RAM section. "Due to intel definition X.M.P. DIMMs and DDR-1600 are supported for one DIMM per channel. This is all very frustrating for me lol. My processor is a i7-920 liquid cooled. I am wanting to go with the 1600mhz ram because 1. it's faster and 2. it helps to have 1600 when overclocking the 920. . A friend told me these forums are the most helpful. Thanks a million in advance.
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  1. I have same mobo and CPU with you. I OCed my CPU to 160 x 21 = 3.36 GHz and using 2gb 1600 Mhz x 6 12 GB. Can't boot the system when I used 4GB 1600 Mhz. So I have to use 2gb instead. It's safe to use 2gb in your system. it's give you lol performance.
  2. I used that memory

    KHX1600C9AD3B1/2G, 2GB 1600MHz DDR3 Non-ECC, CL9-9-9-27, 1.65V
  3. Thanks for reply! I just found this

    "3" 4gb stick for a total for 12gb RAM. It says it is compatible with p6t deluxe V2.
  4. After using those memory with stability, pls let me know.

    I wanna use in my PC.
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