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Samsung P2770H " vs Dell flagship UltraSharp U2711 worth the $$?

Hey guys,

I currently own a Samsung Syncmaster 22" running at a res 1680x1050.Planning to upgrade to a larger display 30" or 27". Now I know that the Dell has a a higher res then the Samsung (2560x1440) but is is it worth the higher price? Will my eyes be able to tell the difference? If it was you buying which monitor would you choose?(doesnt have to be dell or samsung)

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  1. Well yes... you're going to notice the difference. We're talking about a 5"-8" difference including a higher resolution. Looks like the Dell is billed at about $999. I'm guessing your 22" Samsung now hovers around $150 on a good day. I think you have to ask yourself if the extra screen and resolution space is worth it. As for price, it's less about "is it worth it" and more about "do you have the money to purchase it." Personally, I wouldn't bother with a 30". I would consider a 27" since I do have a 26" and I love it. Plus, the high resolution will give you so much more free space on your screen to work with, but it'll also bring down the framerate in your games by a good margin.
  2. Thanks buddy, sorry I forgot to mention that price doesnt really matter if it is justifiable.
  3. Forgot to mention but it seems like the U2711 is an IPS panel. It explains more about the steep price. IPS panels deliver noticeably deeper colors (at least to me) and offers a much greater viewing angle than the standard (TN) panels used in most monitors today. If you're not familiar with the different panels, here's a quick, but not the best, comparison of IPS and TN panels:
  4. WOW that`s quite the difference in the image quality as well as viewing angle. Do you own a IPS panel? Thanks for the link, it should be quite awesome in gaming. Does the Dell offer the best 27" out there is there any competition?
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    I'm not sure if it offers the best 27" out there as I never really got into the 27"+ market. However, for an IPS panel monitor at that size and resolution, it's almost about right. You might be able to find some IPS panel monitors for a bit cheaper and you will definitely find TN panel 27" monitors at a fraction of the price. But if you can afford it, look around for better deals on that Dell from different vendors and websites before committing to buy.
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