295 Gtx performance

Hello, I have a Nvidia 295 GTX but I'm not sure if its working fine with all other CPU components, I use a lot 3DMax, AutoCad and other designing tools.

I have a
AMD Phenom II X4 955,
M4A78 Plus Motherboard

Not sure if my PC has the appropriate components should I change something? I see other PCs even laptops that have a better performance with lower components...

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  1. What would make you think it isn't working well?
  2. You already has a great components inside your case, so don't worry about that.
    GTX295 is a REALLY FAST card. :)
  3. Yeah, I had two of them just, but sold em' for $750, and bought two 460's. Couldn't resist DX11 and tess =)
  4. Ok thanks... its just that I came up this doubt cause when the moment I had to render my work I saw other laptops!! doing it faster I was like WTF (using the same rendering parameters), if try to change my motherboard card and the processor with a Phenom II X6 to get more speed should I use a coolant?? I still think my motherboard sucks i dunno why :S it is the only thing I didn't choose the moment i bought my PC bout a year ago... Although I'm very happy with my GTX
  5. sysdaemon said:
    What would make you think it isn't working well?

    Cause when I was rendering my work the performance was not good comparing to others??? :heink: BTW I'm not an expert in this field I just like new technology stuff :)
  6. The only problem is that such apps do not take advantage of sli and the scripting in the drivers for non quadro and firegl cards sucks ass for these apps as they are deliberately nerfed so that they do not perform as well as Quadro and FireGL cards. In short the 3D market is a racket.
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