How to use xbox 360 controller for pc

Okay, im not sure how to fully use the xbox360 controller on my pc i think there is a card in the box that u buy the controller in but im pretty sure htat would help me but since i cant get that info i was woundering if u guys could help me do this i really want to use my controller and not sure how. i plugged in my controller and the green light flashed then went away. I am not sure what to go to in my programs on my pc
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  1. If you have Vista or Windows 7 it should automatically see and configure the controller. Some games have the info for the 360 controller built in (Left 4 dead/Left 4 dead 2) so they will see it and work with it. But if you are running XP there are some extra steps.

    Look here for all the info you need:
  2. when i bought my microsoft xbox controller for pc it came with a software to install for windows.
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