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hey guys i need a new lcd monitor for my xbox elite..i am looking for screen size above 22 inch .24 inch will be good enough i think..i like the benq 24 inchers..i want to have your advise which will be best for my xbox..i will mostly use it for my xbox to play games and occasionally hook it up to my lappy to watch movies..please suggest me the best available in market these days..till now i have decided benq e2420hd or g2420hd or new samsung px2370 which is led..please give your views and suggest me any other better one.
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    Cheap if you're not living in California. If you do, Amazon has a similar one with a rebate. I honestly don't think you can find a 26 incher for cheaper. And it's a 1920x1200 resolution, which also support 1080p if you're wondering.
  2. Im agreeing with "skolpo" i have one of those monitors it works great with both the computer and the xbox runs so smooth and good colors (: + it has HDMi which is a big +
  3. actually i am stuck on the benq 24 inchers..i want to choose between benq e2420h,g2420h and the led backlit v2420h which is led backlit..please help me choose between these..i am bit iclined towards the led v2420 but i doubt if the led will be at par with the lcd in gaming as i will be using it with my xbox.please advise
  4. replyyy pleaseee..are there any benefits of led over lcd in 24 inch benq???
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