Graphic cards to run Civ 5

Are there any graphic cards that will run civ 5 for a hp slimline s3100n , i only have a 160 watt system. the minimum requirments for civ 5 graphics card are as follows:
256 MB ATI HD2600 XT or better, 256 MB nVidia 7900 GS or better, or Core i3 or better integrated graphics

are there any low profile video cards that meet these requirments that will run on my 160 watt powered system? i have 1 PCI Express x16 slot (for graphics cards)
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  1. Even with low profile cards, that 160watt PSU is mighty low. Have you thought about upgrading that along with the graphics card? And remember, meeting the MINIMUM requirements is just that- you'll end up playing the game at it's most minimum settings and might still encounter choppiness and lag in it.
  2. i want to play the game the right way, dont want to deal with lagging and all that stuff, is my best option just a new computer, not that i have the money for it, but that or can i actually upgrade power, install a graphics card and run that game fairly well or is my processor just not going to run it close to full power to start with?
  3. I wouldn't say fairly well. I've been looking at trailers for the game and it's pretty darn detailed. With the setup ct1614 proposed, you might be able to get by at low settings.
  4. ok then I need a new comp, what in the world should i buy, there are so many companies and i just dont know enough about computers, as you can see i made a poor choice a few years ago buying this slimline, any suggestions guys? need to keep it under 700 , but would really love to only spend 500 -600 but i understand to get a decent gaming machine that might not be possible.
  5. Maybe I'll check it out. Used to be a big Civ 4 fan but the interest faded away.
  6. i want to buy a computer honestly, looking at ibuypower and companies like that, should i go for a quad core processor?
  7. oh and building a computer like an hp pavilion elite, is that a decent route to go at all?
  8. ct1615 said:
    avoid HP otherwise you will be exact same position 2 years down road.

    $589 + $50 mail in rebate


    $80 + $15 mail in rebate

    that rig will play any modern game at 1440x900 resolution. plus you can sell the ATI 5450 to help recoup even more money.

    i think you forgot the links.
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