BIOS switches to RAID after a power cut


I recently installed a 256 GB SSD for my OS as well as a 6-bay 2.5-inch disk bay so now have the original 1 TB hard disk for storage, the 256GB SSD for the OS plus five other standard 2.5 inch disks of varying sizes.

I switched to AHCI with the registry settings and in the BIOS and everything works fine.

However, I live in rural Laos and we have a LOT of power cuts and my UPS doesn't keep the PC going if the power suddenly goes, although it strangely does when there's a brown out long enough for it to beep down to switching off point, if you see what I mean.

Anyway, when the power comes back on and I boot up the PC again it says it has reset BIOS settings to default due to an error and it switches to RAID so I have to go into the BIOS and switch it back to AHCI. Is there anything I can do to stop this?

Also, is there any general advice on what I can do to minimise problems caused by power cuts since they are unavoidable here? I can't buy a quality UPS since they don't exist in the shops here. We only get cheap Chinese copies!

OS: Windows 8
CPU: i5 650 @ 3.20 GHz

Thanks in advance for any help.

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  1. First of all, you can buy a quality UPS from an online store like Amazon and have it shipped to your house, if you live in an unsupported area for shipping just make an American friend and pipitty popitty poo, 6 years later, you trust him, you buy the UPS ,ship it to him and he can ship it to you. NOW, you wrote all of that and forgot to give us the motherboard brand, no biggie, because I don't care. Try updating the BIOS version, clearly this behavior from a motherboard is buggy and old, no new motherboard will go all like, oh, power outage? let me just revert to my default storage settings which happens to be RAID for whatever reason. If that didn't work, well son, then I guess you'll be having a problem with your electric company. Tell them you won't pay the bills no' mo' if they don't obey your commands of fixing their power outages.
  2. Well, thank you for your friendly and informative answer. Hopefully, you welcome all newcomers in the same manner!

    The motherboard is an MSI 2A9C with the latest 6.12 BIOS installed. The motherboard was released only a few years ago although I suppose a few years is a long time in computer technology.

    Believe me, the electricity company doesn't give a damn. We've only had electricity where I live for 11 years so...

    I was just seeking advice on how to minimise damage caused by frequent power cuts since they are inevitable here.

    This has only started happening since I installed the SSD.

    Hopefully someone else can help since you don't care. :)
  3. We also don't have a home delivery postal service, we hardly even have addresses, we only have PO Boxes in town and online retailers refuse to ship to PO Boxes so that option's out too.
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