Advice videocard for older pc

Hello people,

Before I start, here's my pc:

E6300 C2D 1,86Ghz (MoBo: MSI p965 neo, Pci-e 1.0a)
PSU: Fortron 450W (FSP450-60APN)
GPU: 7950gt (but it's broken :P)
2Gb of RAM

Monitor: It's an old CRT 17 inch monitor. I think I have the resolution on 1280x1024.

Usage: Gaming mostly, but I don't expect to play the latest generation games with it. I used to play fallout 3 and far cry 2 with it, but it was stretching it ;)

My 7950GT Died on me a couple of weeks ago (lots of artifacts), I tested in another pc and showed the same problem, so i am positive it's dead.

I want to replace the videocard, to get the pc working again. I prefer to get a decent card that will get it working again with about the same performance as before (although I don't mind a upgrade :P ).
I don't really want to spend a lot of money on this pc, since it's quite old already. So I don't want to go a lot over 80 euros (107 dollar).

I had these cards in mind:

HD4670: Seems to be a bit of an upgrade, and costs 70 euros/93 dollars
HD5670: Newer version of the former card, even bigger upgrade and not that much more expensive. 80 euros/106 dollars. But I have seen a lot of people that have issues installing this card on older mobo's. So I am in doubt of getting this one
HD4830: Fastest card from what I have read. But this one will prolly be bottlenecked by my CPU, and I just have the minimum required PSU. Same price as the 5670: 80 euros/106 dollar.

So my question is: What do you people recommend me to get out of these? Or did I miss a great card in my search?
I am leaning towards the HD4670, but that's only because it seems to be giving me the least issues with installing and running it, haha.
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  1. What problems have you heard about the HD5670 in older motherboards? I would recommend that card out of the cards you had in mind.
  2. It seems the HD5670 has a 2.1 pci-E, and a lot of people have trouble installing it on a pci-e 1.0 MoBo. Although I did some searching and it seems that sapphire has a HD5670 has a pci-e 2.0 version. That one seems to be working. :)
  3. 5670, even 5650 would be a good choice. The system is fairly weak so no point going higher than a 5670 IMO.

    Depending on your budget you could overhaul the system for a few hundred. New mobo and CPU (like an E5400) and add another 2gigs RAM plus the vid card. You'd be looking at about $300
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