Samsung 830 Crash

Something happened to my computer last night. When Win7 tries to load it send me to the windows error recovery screen to choose between Launch the Startup Repair (Recommended) or Start Normally. I chose start normally first, and the Starting Windows logo appears for about 2 seconds before the screen goes black. So i restart and choose the Startup Repair Option. The windows is loading files bar runs 3 times through before I get sent back to the Windows error recovery screen. Run Safe mode - same thing the windows load bar goes 3x's then black screen. Restart. Last known good config - same 3x's and black screen. Load my most recent image - doesn't take. I'm trying it again right now. Any ideas?
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  1. Image didn't take. I'll be re-installing from a disc next. Can a SSD have a fatal crash? Data lose is bad enough but if I format/install over top it will work like new right?
  2. Win7 failed to clean install error 0x0000225 is this starting sound like my SSD is faulty?
  3. Tried the bootsect command said my win7 version wasn't compatible. Tried the bootrec reset said it was successful but didn't fix anything. I ran the windows disk drive diagnostic tool, it said my ssd was fine. I just deleted ALL the ssd partitions and am trying a clean install again.
  4. And we're back up and running. Updating drivers now. First problem I've had with the computer. Then again I suppose having to reinstall an OS after 3months isn't very good...
  5. Okay, install all drivers and download AS SSD benchmark tool.

    Run all three benchmarks. To find on "Tools". Upload an image with all results.
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    install samsung magician and see if the drives' firmware is up to date.
  7. Firmware was and is updated. Marked the calendar for if this happens again. Setup multiple backup locations this time, HDD, External and NAS see what happens.
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