Is my new gigabyte gtx470 super overclock faulty?

Hi everyone, i resently brought the new gigabyte gtx470 super overclock, for a few days it was great then it started to crash in games, ive tested it with all my games and crashes on most of them, it freezes up in game after playing a while with black dotted artifacts all over the screen, it dose it mostly on dirt 2 and batman arkam asylum, ive installed different drivers and im using 258.96 now and tested all other components and everything is fine and stable, its been doing it everyday now since it started to do it, i have got very good cooling in my case and extra fans blowing air over the graphics card, the last time it crashed the temp with hwmonitor was at 77degreese, these cards are made to run a lot higher so it cant be an heat issue, i have emailed ebuyer were i got it from and allso ive emailed gigabyte, no reply yet, im sick of buying faulty cards, this is the fourth card ive brought in the last few years whats been faulty, ive had 2 gtx280s, ati 5870 and now this, its doing my head in lol, ive spent a lot of money on these, anyway cheers for any help

my specs

windows 7 64bit
hx1000watt corsair psu
gigabyte ud5 p55 mobo
core i5 750 oc@4ghz
corsair ddr3 ram 4gb
gigabyte gtx470 super overclocked edition
soundblaster extreme gamer
2xsamsung hd
coolermaster atcs 840 case
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  1. Are you overclocking your graphics card? The symptoms you are describing sound like an excessive overclock, as does your bad luck with other cards.
  2. no the card is factory overclocked at 700mhz core clock, this is a link of the card i brought
    do you think i should downclock it? but still it should be working fine running at that speed, its been factory overclocked, i shouldnt have to downclock it, i must have bad luck with graphics cards
  3. No, I would be concerned if you were overclocking it yourself. There should be no problem with running it at it's factory specs. You have a pretty good power supply. I wonder if your CPU overclock is causing some problems. Maybe check the bios to see if the PCIe frequency or voltage to your graphics card has been increased.
  4. the cpu overclock is a fatory overclocked bundle from ocuk and it is rock solid stable and done loads of tests with it so i dont think its the cpu. how do i check the PCIe frequency and voltage in bios?
  5. put this card to some other pc if you could try. if you had bad luck for few cards, there are something wrong with your system. maybe mob or psu.
  6. For the PCIe frequency, you need to go into the bios. Make sure it is set to default. For me it is located under the "cell menu", or overclocking menu. Maybe if ocuk overclocked for you, they might have altered the PCIe frequency.

    If you are not manually overclocking the gpu, you probably don't have to worry about the gpu voltage. Really, if the PCIe frequency is at default, the next best would be to try the card in another system, or try another card in your system.
  7. I would uninstall that driver and go with the newest, its considered a beta its not whql certified, Also I would turn up your fan speeds to say 60%, just so you can rules some things out. Parts of the card may be running cool, buy you may be getting hot spots around the memory or vrm's.
  8. I have the same card, ie. Gigabyte GV-N470SO-13I that I bought last month November 2010. It's been working fine until last week. The card idles at around 60C but its gpu temp got over 95C briefly, even when watching a youtube video. Running Adobe Premiere CS5 is a no-no as the gpu temp shot up to over 110C rapidly and then the card shuts itself down. Other people around the net report similar problem of overheating. I am so disappointed because I have had a Gigabyte motherboard and a Gigabyte GeForce 7300 graphics card I bought back in 2006 and they have been working solidly. I am returning the card and hopefully Gigabyte can do something about this type of card.
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