Mini ITX Build in my 5.25 drive bays, Is it possible?

I built my new sandy bridge system in a Silverstone Fortress FTO2 case. In this build I decided to not use a dvd drive since I hardly ever used my other one and I have an external one so it wasnt necessary.

My ideal was to put a mini itx build in the entire drive bay area and then buy a small 7in touch screen usb monitor and put it in my drive bay so that I can control it. The mini itx build is a am3 dual core with 2gb of ram. It will be running windows home server.

Now, is that possible and is their anything you guys can think of that would help me with it. I was thinking of using my current PSU (Corsair AX1200) to power it but i'm not sure if its safe to do that or if its even possible to power two systems off one PSU. Any help would be much appreciative.
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    That would need some serious modding but I would use a separate PSU, not even sure it would be possible with the same on piggybacked cables.
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