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Hi :hello: ...I have not got much of an area to keep all my computers that I own :o ...So for online PC's that I use just to send email,post on forums or surf the internet I use small cases like the Numan case model #2019B with 400W ATX power supply unit (it is so small I actually do not believe its power output) with dimensions of 140mm high by 350mm wide by 370mm in depth & a Zalman CNPS8000A cpu fan cooler :) ...The question that I want to ask is can a 95 watt quad core processor keep cool enough with what I have as a cpu fan cooler within this size case :??: ...Also I should mention that I prefer the larger size in GHz processors e.g.:-Core i7 870 clarkdale @ 95w or the future core i7 2600 or 2500 quad cores with 95w also (do not forget even if I down grade to core i5 760 it still has 95w)...What I have had in the past within this case model :- E8600 @ 3.33 GHz 65w dual core LGA 775,Zalman CNPS8000A cpu fan cooler,Gigabyte G31M-ES2L,Gigabyte GT240 DDR2 graphic card dual booted with XP Pro SP2 x32 & Vista Ultimate SP1 x32 and two small 60mm case fans with a 18 cfm rating plus an old Western Digital Sata 2 500 GB HDD & a sony optical x22 DVD reader/burner (with this I never experienced overheating) :pt1cable: ...Also mention with your answer that if I go higher in GHz ratio to the 95w will it make a difference e.g. :- core i5 760 compared to core i7 870 or the future core i7 2500 compared to the core i7 2600 in heat dissipation within my pc case ;) ...
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  1. The case may or may not meet your temp requirements. Don't expect lower than the 40-70c range unless you can live with the fan on full speed; actually, it only lowers temps by 3-6 degrees celcius and I would prefer quiet over higher temps. Those cpus are pretty durable; be sure to get a retail box cpu just for the 3 year warranty. I got my 750 i5 up to 90c briefly for testing before selling it; it showed no signs of instability. If you're paranoid about temps, then I would not overclock any of those cpus. Modest overclocking increases the cpu temp about 5 degrees celcius.
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