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Best but low priced water and shock resistant 16gb flash drive

Hey Toms, My flash drive always falls to the ground and water dropped on my flash drive and I was kind of a scared that if water dropped on it or it fell to the ground that it wouldn't work and destroy the files. My current flash drive is being stupid that if i plug it in a different computer most of my files are gone but if i plug it in the same computer the files are still there. I was very irritated about this. So after multipe fileloss i scanned my flash drive in different antiviruses for viruses and its results shown on every antivuruses i used to scan it DOESN'T detect a virus. Oh and I forgot to say that when i unplug my flash drive the computer sometimes says " cannot safely remove cruzer a program is still running" so i checked the tray bar and task manager and I found no program that I know that's still running. If you guys don't know what's the problem I was thinking in buying a new flash drive that's water resistant and shock resistant 16gb and it has to be low-priced (budget $24.00) flash drive. Can you guys give me somethings about this flash drive-----> and can you give me more selections? thanks :sol:
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