Best video upgrade for Gateway DX4831-01E i3

I am looking at the HD5770 XFX or GTS450. My problem is I dont know what to expect with the Gateway DX4831-01E i3 machine in terms of room. Also what Brand and Model really would be best. I would like to spend no more than 140.00 for the card. Thanks!
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  1. Thanks for the bad news. I was hoping to get by with the stock PSU. I guess I will add that to my list. Any ideas on PSU/Video combos that work well with this machine? I really like the HD5770 but the cooler looks huge. I have only seen pictures of the inside of this machine and it looks like the CPU fan might be crouding out the PCIE slot. I will have a better idea when I receive the machine.
  2. this is the card I was thinking of getting.
    Is this going to do it for Crysis and Adobe CS4?
    Also I have a 600w ATX PSU from an Intel 3.0ghz machine. I think it was a p4. Will this work?

    Thanks for all the feedback.
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