Reinstalling the OS after a new mobo?

Do I have to do a new install of Windows 7 if I get a new mobo, but keep my same processor?
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  1. It is recommended but not necessary. I myself would do repair install at minimum.
  2. thanks, so, to make sure I understand, when I boot up windows from my HDD it'll ask to do a repair install, where it checks my files and then i should be good? I can't back it up, I have well over 2TB of stuff(game designer) on there, and an external is too expensive
  3. Win7 is going to say you have done hardware changes and want to activate again, then you need to install all the drivers for the new board. If it has trouble starting then you can start up from your win DVD and do a repair install without deleting your DATA!
  4. okay, so one final question: Do i need to reactivate the OS with the key code, or did it save that info? I hope i saved that key :P
  5. It should not ask for a key code unless you do a repair install or a full install.
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