Need help with an emachines T6209

I have installed a new motherboard on an Emachines T6209. The problems I am having is that when I hit the power button to turn the computer on, i can't turn it off using the power button. Also, I am not getting a display on the monitor. the monitor light is amber but i can't get any video on the monitor. Can someone please help me
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  1. Post your system spec more details.
  2. It is A Emachines t6209 it has

    an AMD Athlon 64 3200+/ 2.2 GHZ
    ATi Radeon Express 200 Chipset
    2 GB of memory installed
    160 Gb IDE Harddrive
    Micosoft Windows 7 ultimate

    I've looked for solutions for why the monitor will not come on. Now i can't turn the computer off via the power button. I'm not sure if the jumpers are set correctly and I can find a motherboard manual to save my life. Also the harddrive is not spinning when it comes on and I took the memory out, unplugged the harddrive and the optical drive to see if the motherboard would beep when there's no memory installed and I didn't here not one beep and this is a new motherboard.. can someone please help me out here. I've checked the power supply, nothing is wrong with the processor, the memory is brand new so i don't know what's wrong.
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