I5 2500 or 2500K sandy bridge vs i7 950 Bloomfield help

Now my bro has a i7 950 but when he goes to systemrequirementslab.com and tries shogun 2 total war it says it passes but not recommended, ites recommended CPU is a i5 second gen which is sandy bridge.

is it really faster than a 950
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  1. i7 950 should be plenty enough for any game, especially if OCed. Ignore what the website's telling you.
  2. The 950 is a good CPU. At stock speeds, it is fairly competitive with the new second-gen Core processors. In some games the 950 wins, in others the 2G Core wins. Neither one has any decisive advantage over the other until overclocking is factored in.
  3. Wait for Ivy Bridge CPUs!
  4. He's not buying a new CPU guys ... he's just wondering if a 2G Core processor is that much faster than the 950 his bro has.

    The 950 passes the Minimum requirements for Shogun 2, but not the Recommended ratings, according to that site. For whatever reason, the site recommends a 2G Core processor for that game.

    The 950 will be a good gaming CPU for a while yet (I'm talking years), so he doesn't need to worry about what a site is telling him for a Recommended rating.
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