Marked Wrong Drive as Inactive.Can't access Windows.

On my HDD, I was dual-booting Linux and Windows 7. I figured that I wanted to delete the Linux partition and expand my secondary partition which holds all my downloads, games,etc. I used Partition Magic and accidentally marked one of my non-primary partitions as active. I researched the mistake and went into the CMD on the repair disk and marked the correct drive as the active drive but WIndows is still telling me that BootMGR is missing. What do I do?! Thanks for the help.
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  1. Deleting a partition doesn't adjust the boot manager. I've never dual booted linux with windows, so I'm not sure which boot manager would be used. EasyBCD can fix a windows 7 boot manager. I'm not sure what to use to fix a linux boot manager.
  2. boot from the win7 installation disk and run startup repair.
    Select repair my computer form the win7 install now screen.
    select the drive then startup repair from the system recovery options screen.
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